Brazil | 2014 | 100 min | Biographical Drama | Original version in Portuguese with English subtitles

Friday, November 28th – 19:00
Thursday, December 4th – 15:00

Director: João Jardim
Script: George Moura
Executive producer: Carla Camurati
Cinematographer: Walter Carvalho
Art director: Thiago Marques
Costume Design: Marcelo Pies and Valéria Stefani
Make up: Martin Macias Trujjil
Production Management: Fernanda Neves
Assitant Director: Gigi Soares
Editor: Pedro Bronz
Production Co.: Copacabana Filmes and Fogo Azul Filmes
Co-production: Midas Filmes

Cast: Tony Ramos, Drica Moraes, Alexandre Borges, Leonardo Medeiros, Fernando Luís, Daniel Dantas, Murilo Elbas, Sílvio Matos, José Raposo, Adriano Garib, Thiago Justino, Luciano Chirolli, Marcelo Médici, Clarisse Abujamra

The dramatic last days of Getúlio’s life are narrated from the President’s own POV. The most massive political crisis in the Republic’s history is triggered on August 5th, 1954, when an attempt against Carlos Lacerda’s life kills Major Rubens Vaz. The President is accused, with all evidences pointing to his Government. The noose tightens up when it is proven that Gregory Fortunato, head of his personal guard, was the mastermind behind the crime. Cornered, Getúlio claims innocence and faces pressure with stoic resistance. Recurring rumors of a palace invasion by troops point to an imminent coup. Nothing is proved against the President himself, but the Army, Navy and Air Force demand his resignation. Getúlio provisionally accepts the suggestion of taking a leave of absence, but, in the wee hours of August 24th, he is informed that the military will not accept his temporary leave. Getúlio Vargas, alone in his bedroom, kills himself with a bullet to his heart.

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